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Equitable Dinners luncheon at Virginia Highland Church

The Equitable Dinners luncheon took place at the Virginia Highland Church, a very welcoming space with flowers and candles on the tables.

About 50 people attended, ranging in age from 20’s to late 60’s and included health care professionals, school administrators, community members, church staff, several actors, and a member of the unhoused community.

Guests were warmly welcomed and given an overview of the program by Out of Hand Theater’s Adria Kitchens. The event began with a short performance of a new play, “Conditional Care: Gabe’s Story” by Nikki Young and performed by actor Markell Williams. The play was well received and elicited a range of emotions, including laughter, heads nodding in agreement, and even tears.

During lunch, a facilitator at each table kept the lively discussions moving as each person took a turn talking about the issues that had been brought up during the play and why they resonated with them. At the end of the conversation, each person mentioned one thing they could do to make their community a better place.